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Battle Of Souls

With the ultimate strategy, CHALLENGE, WIN, and CONQUER!

Think you have what it takes to be the best? By logging into Battle of Souls, YOU will be the ONE! With the ultimate strategy, CHALLENGE, WIN, and CONQUER!

  • Experience an innovative Tactical Card RPG with easy to learn fast game play mechanics and insanely exciting tactical battle!
  • Choose your attractive illustration character to meet your preference and experience amazing graphics.
  • Customize a team with powerful Souls to join PVP plays and be VICTORIOUS!
  • Bind 36 Souls and create the best!
  • Battle with players from around the world!


+Maximize your strategy with different party settings!

With 9 different classes and 4 different elements, you can customize your own party settings any way you want! Simple changes in party setting can make the difference of winning or losing.

+Various Art Collectables!

Each Soul has up to 8 Art Collectables (4 Fantasy Style & 4 Anime Style). Enjoy collecting various art collectables.

+Experience the intense combat!

In battles, intensive battles can be made due to the given features such as evade, deuce, match point and knockout.

Through intense combats, experience the satisfying victories.

+Fast PvP battle against your rivals!

Battle of Souls offers you PVP game play which automatically matches you up with most suitable players. Challenge and play against your friends online. PVP play with offline players is also possible.

+Various and rich contents!

In Battle of Souls, ​there are various and rich contents such as enchant, clans, and achievements.

· Enchant system​: Through the enchant, stronger souls can be developed.

· Clan​: Join clans and aid you clan parties in battles.

· Achievements​: Rewards can be earned by completing the achievements.

· Community​: Chat with your friends after adding them to your friends list. 

+Evolving after Dragon!

 Your soul evolves into a more unique and stronger soul when a Dragon appears. Meet 5 different dragons with their own awesome abilities!

+Easy and fast battle through auto combat mode!

It’s simple! Battle of Soul provides a simple yet intense game play and auto combat mode with a touch of a button. Want faster game play? Battle of Souls offers you with 2X play mode.

+Enjoy free game play!

Battle of Souls is free to download and play. All players are given free gold and items, as they play the game.

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